Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015


Finally I've started to redo some of my older designs. Can you identify this one?

©ANKESTRiCK, again 2015

At the end I discovered a new way to do the "seams" more equal and with more knitting fun and I think it will be needed to rewrite the pattern with my knowledge of today.

. .


Natalie Fellhauer am 27/10/15

Friday again? Are your patterns also available in German? Best wishes from Berlin

anke am 28/10/15

Ha, yes! And I just decided to give away the pattern for free to the right anwser !!!! (It will take a little time to finish this, though :)

Please have a look at the right side of my pattern pages on ravelry. If there is another language (than english) available, it's marked there.

Natalie Fellhauer am 28/10/15

Oh wow? Does this mean - I will get the pattern for Friday again for free? That would be awesome! I just discovered your patterns and realized that you will be in Berlin next week! So viele Zufälle! Ich würde mich über die Anleitung sehr freuen! Lieber Gruss Natalie.

anke am 29/10/15

Ja klar, das meint es :)) Ich schicke sie dir, sobald sie fertig ist.
Vielleicht sehen uns in der Wolleria!

Natalie Fellhauer am 1/12/15

Darf man fragen, ob das pattern schon fertig ist? Leider war die Wolleria schon ausgebucht und ich konnte leider nicht hinkommen:-(. Lieber Gruss Natalie

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